Lean Essentials workshops are the quickest, simplest, and most cost effective way to start a Lean Continuous Improvement journey for your business. Individually, the workshops will improve specific areas of your business operation. Collectively, they will help to transform the business into a more autonomous and efficient organisation.

Workshop Type

This workshop is a Foundations Level  Lean Continuous Improvement workshop aimed at helping organisations to identify, create and document their processes at different levels.

It can be attended via a virtual classroom or as a facilitated boardroom workshop.


Processes are at the very heart of every business. However, failure or breakdown in Process is one of the most common causes of problems in a business because either they are not clearly defined, or they are not communicated throughout the business effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  •  How to identify Processes at different levels within an organisation.
  •  How to break Processes down.
  •  How to document Processes and Work Instructions.
  •  How to create a simple Business Operations Bible.
  •  How to Error Proof Processes. 


  • The Continuous Improvement Team Structure
  • Process Roadmap
  • Identifying Processes
  • OTGI’s
  • The Business Operations Bible
  • Prevention is better than the cure
  • Benefits of Error Proofing
  • Why do we need to Error Proof
  • Types of Error Proofing


There are no pre course requirements.

To arrange a facilitated boardroom workshop, email or arrange a free initial consultation.

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