Workshop Type

This workshop is an Entry Level Continual Improvement workshop designed to be attended as a Team.

It can be attended via a virtual classroom or as a facilitated boardroom workshop.


Communication is essential to any business, however, it can go horribly wrong if a business doesn't communicate correctly internally. Whether that is communicating the wrong message, using the wrong methods, or not communicating at all.

Learning Outcomes

This bitesize workshop is designed to help multi-tiered and multi department businesses to implement a strong communications structure and some very simple methods of communication that will transform the business.

You will learn about the importance of structured and concise communication between all levels and departments in a business, and how to generate more engagement from it in order to drive Continual Improvement throughout the entire business.


  • The Continual Improvement Structure
  • How we communicate
  • The Communication Pyramid
  • Daily Briefs/Huddles
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • Handovers
  • Notice Boards


There are no pre course requirements.

To arrange a facilitated boardroom workshop, email or arrange a free initial consultation.

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