5S Implementation 

5S is the name of a workplace organisational methodology that focuses on cleanliness and standardisation to improve the workplace environment, productivity, safety, team morale and customer perception. 

The methodology works on the basis that by organising the workspace, removing unwanted items, identifying and relocating regularly used items, and then maintaining and sustaining the new order, it ultimately leads to increased efficiency, reduced business waste and ownership of the standards by each employee. 


The main objective of the “5S Programme” is to implement a structured and focussed housekeeping improvement plan, that will provide a cleaner working environment, increased efficiency, and sustainable standards across the entire workplace. 

Whilst the improvements can be made at the pace that the business can suitably manage with the available resources, by providing a project managed focus, the target would be to complete the implementation within a 10-week period. 


Combined Minds will take you through every stage of the implementation and provide a full roadmap, training and supporting documents to help and guide you through the project and also to sustain the standards.

For more information arrange a call.

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